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We love Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are taking over the city and for good reasons! Electric Cargo Bikes are...


A Cargo bike can replace many trips currently made by car, reducing pollution, noise and CO2 emissions.


Cargo bikes are "right-sized" vehicles, perfect for moving items and people efficiently through the city.


Cut through city traffic like a hot knife through butter.


Our cargo bikes cost much less than comparable imported bikes. You also save thousands on car payments, insurance and maintenance and never pay for parking again.


Using a Cargo Bike is a method of Active Transportation. Get where you're going and get fit along the way.


Trucks, vans and SUVs are bloated and boring. Bikes are cool. They just are.

Find and customize your perfect cargo bike

Brands & Collaborations

We work with these amazing bike designers and builders.

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Principals: Local Production and Sustainable Transportation

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